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Zante Shipwreck

Here's the story...

In 1980, a freighter was pursued by the Greek Navy. The crew were suspected of smuggling contraband and the navy chased the ship through the Ionian sea.

Allegedly there was 'wine, tobacco and women' on board and the chase came to an abrupt end when the ship ran aground in stormy weather on the coast to the north of the island at Porto Vromi.

Zante Shipwreck

It's a spectacular sight, whether you take a boat trip and swim ashore, or take the serpentine road to a new viewing platform above the cliffs.

Zante Shipwreck

Zante Shipwreck Timeline:-

1937 - St Bedan built in Scotts Bowling Yard in Glasgow for J & A Gardner.

1964 - Sold to Greek owners, M Gigilinis and S Kakassinas of Thessaloniki and renamed Meropi.

1966 - Renamed Charis.

1975 - Sold by NS Kalfas to P Lisikatos of Piraeus renamed Panagiotis.

October 1980 - Run aground on Zakynthos and abandoned.

Zante Shipwreck

If you're heading for the wreck cliff top by car - look out for the signs marked "Navagio".

By Boat -

* You can visit the shipwreck during one of your island cruises
* Catch the local boat from Porto Vromi.

A word of warning though, if you decide to explore the wreck's interior, be careful not to enter the old engine room as this may contain dangerous asbestos.

Approaching the shipwreck on an island cruiser  High cliffs surround the shipwreck bay

High cliffs surround the shipwreck bay  Leaving shipwreck bay


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